Aikido is a modern, dynamic martial art which uses technical skill not superior strength to overcome an attacker.

It is equally suitable for men and women of all ages, physiques and levels of fitness. Aikido is based on Ki - the harmony or balance of energy. Aikido - The way of spirit with harmony.

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You will learn how to neutralise the energy and strength of an attacker by first blending with the incoming attack and then redirecting its force and the attacker's balance.

Principal of the Lancashire Aikikai in action


Aikido Mon is a member of The Lancashire Aikikai.

We practice traditional Aikido in the style of Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

A Club of the Lancashire Aikikai which is a member of the British Aikido Board

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Ray Munns 3rd Dan

Ray Munns the Club Leader in action

Chris Cook 1st Dan

Chris Cook in action